Infertility has stolen a huge chunk of my available mental capacity, especially in the last few months. I’ve started playing game after game of Klondike solitaire on the iPad, the kind with ads that pop up before each game. It’s great: mind-numbing, relaxing, and until recently, in no way related to fertility or infertility or tiny human beings.

Lately, 50 percent of the ads have been asking me if I’m either pregnant or embarazada, I think with the intention of scaring me into taking some vitamin? Not sure. I’ve become adept at looking away from things at the first sight of pregnancy or infants. But not fast enough in this case to miss the image showing me the eight-months-along translation of embarazada.

Two thoughts:

  1. Somebody must be tracking my online habits, but they’re doing a very bad job. This is like sending ads for diapers to someone who picked up her Clomid prescription at Target.
  2. This is a first-world problem. Must remember that.