I’m dropping in briefly to say that I’m taking a break from the blog.

Last week, I was very sick with a stomach thing. So far, it seems to have had the beneficial side effect of having jolted me out of the very intense depression that had had me trapped for several weeks. Honestly, I’m just grateful right now to feel well enough to eat meals.

We’ll be starting IVF attempt #1.5 shortly. In the meantime, I’ve suddenly lost my appetite for endless Googling. Frankly, I’m also tired of feeling sad or worried when I read about one more success story from somebody else, or one more statistic about women with my diagnosis. The odds are what they are; my reading about them sixteen ways won’t change anything.

That’s the short version.

I’m currently working on addressing my anxiety issues without medication. I’m practicing positive (yet realistic) visualization. I’m still nosing through blogs every few days, but I’m spending more time looking at baby zoo animals than anything related to human fertility.

I apologize for dropping off, at least for the time being. It’s what I need right now.

Good luck to everyone in the meantime.