I’m just dropping in here briefly to note that in the last three weeks…

  • We took me to the ER (I’m better now, thanks).
  • R. had his identity stolen.
  • This week’s order of fertility drugs was as close to disastrous as you can get without having your cycle cancelled due to the numbskulls at the pharmacy (which you guys will all be able to identify, but still, I’ll refrain from mentioning them by name). They screwed up my price quote by $800, they left the Lupron off the order, and then when they agreed to send the Lupron by First Overnight so I could start on time, they gave FedEx the wrong address. (Thank you, FedEx, for somehow still getting here by 8:20 a.m.) I think I made the pharmacy lady’s ears bleed from sheer telephone-conveyed fury. They did give me a bit of a discount to make up for it… but dude. Dude.

We’re thinking of moving to Antarctica. At least the penguins don’t try to open up a credit account using your social.