Was anybody else really hoping that Kate Middleton would need a little IVF to get her on her way?

I know. We don’t wish this hell on anybody.

Except you do kind of wish someone with such sublime grace and admirable composure, who could freaking represent if anybody asked her about it, might be put in a position to help a sister out by verbalizing some of this crap. Perhaps in nicer terms than “crap” and “hell.”

Oh well. Maybe in the next lifetime.

In other news, I’m still breathing. I count that as an achievement, given everything.

Like a lot of repeat IVFers, we’re forced to sit out a month so we can, as my RE put it, “Try to have a good holiday,” while the lab closes for maintenance. I’m happy to have a good working lab, but what to do with the off month besides smile back at friends and family until they look elsewhere?

I’m spending the time moving from one day to the next. Frankly, we’re both feeling a wee bit doomed to an unhappy 2013, so forgive the gray clouds floating overhead just now. (Stick around: at irregular intervals, sunlight comes gushing through and I’m struck with a short-lived burst of optimism.) But time doesn’t stop moving forward.

We’re scoping clinics this month for anybody who specializes in diminished ovarian reserve (DOR). Frankly, I don’t want to leave our current RE: I really, really dig everything about my experience at his practice, except the repeat negative pregnancy tests. But this clinic’s rates are right at the national average, maybe a hair above that. Is it a good idea to jump horses midstream, because somebody else three hours down the road specializes in my particular brand of hopelessness?

Would appreciate if anybody who still remembers I’m out here would like to share their thoughts on if and when you should give it a try with another RE.