I recently encouraged a fellow DOR blogger to post on what happens after they consult at CCRM, and then I realized that I should follow up myself.

R. and I had a recent phone consultation with another clinic – not CCRM, but one a little closer to home that sees a fair number of DOR patients. The overall result is that we are not planning to change clinics at this time.

That’s sort of good, and sort of not. I really did not want to travel out of town for IVF, and I was relieved to hear that my clinic’s reputation among peers is as good as I had thought. I’m glad other REs think my doctor is good.

On the other hand, some small part of me hoped that there was some magical cure that I had not unearthed in all those hours and hours of internet searches. You know: “If you take this cheap and easy flibberty-jib supplement three times daily for the next month, you’ll have healthy eggs dropping from your ovaries so fast we’ll rename you Chicken McGee.”

Let’s face it: if the doctor to whom we spoke had said that, it would have been cause for suspicion. Even without the Chicken McGee line.

So, it appears that I am what I am: a tough case masquerading as somebody who should have been pregnant two years ago with no complications.

She had a few recommendations for things to ask my RE about, but those are minor changes around the edge of my protocol and no more. Beyond that, she said that it makes sense to keep trying with my own eggs for a couple more tries, money and mental health permitting, but that we should not expect dramatically better results at future retrievals.

At least insurance paid for most of the consultation. A $30 copay is reasonable for a little mediocre peace of mind.