Thanks to everyone who left comments about the question of how specific a blogger might choose to be about our numbers as we go through a cycle.

Again, I want to emphasize that I think it really is up to each blogger, and I don’t criticize anyone else for choosing to post all her quantifiable details. This is about my own reaction to seeing other people’s numbers and how I am choosing to address the feelings I wind up having.

Something that Aramis thoughtfully said in the comments made me think again about this. Perhaps it’s not so much the numbers that are the problem (for me). It’s the lack of immediate context. Yes, if you reread surrounding posts and the About feature on these ladies’ blogs, you’ll generally figure out what her diagnosis is and you can better understand what she’s working with. So the gal who gets 27 eggs yet suffers from recurring miscarriage is clearly dealing with a different situation than I am. My awareness of that changes my response from a very immature “Please stop complaining about your post-retrieval bloating because I am jealous of your high numbers” to “I hope this means you do not have to experience another sad loss ever again.”

I’m not being prescriptive here. Y’all do what you want to, what you need to. And remember, I’m just being honest here. I ain’t proud.

For my part, maybe I will post a number here and there. If I do, I will try to find a way to remind a reader the terms of my struggle – that I’m stoked when certain things happen because I’ve got them DOR cards stacked against me. It’s not that any of us need to earn the right to celebrate small milestones – but if the intention is at least in part to help other people by sharing our story, then putting celebrations and frustrations in context may be helpful.

Anywho. That’s what I’m thinking tonight. But then, I’m good when I’m on Lupron. Give me a squirt of progesterone and I turn into a raging jerk who wishes bad acne and charlie horses on everybody on the planet who isn’t me.