Forced waiting between retrieval and transfer is weird. You’re caught in that strange place of just-past-ovulation, before anything could possibly have implanted. This bizarre, unrealistically inflated sense of optimism infects your brain, which is nice except for the unrealistic part.

The difference is, I can totally drink beer right now.

The weirdness is accentuated by the cycle-within-a-cycle of this month. I’m not taking birth control this cycle (it presented as an option if I wanted to have a better idea of scheduling). I opted not to, mostly to save myself the weeks of taking more regular medication. There’s also that lingering – what is it, 2 percent chance that we might conceive naturally? Nah, I don’t buy it either. But it does put me in the strange place of having a 2ww within a 2ww that’s been blown into a two-month wait.

Here’s where I’d like your opinion, fellow IFers. After the last IVF, my ovulation was later than usual. I used an OPK, and it was nice because, with my reliably regular luteal phase, I knew exactly when to expect my period.

Should I use an OPK or not?

Pro: Know when my cycle will end. I suppose we could time some intercourse, too.

Con: Make this a month of denial! Don’t test, don’t even think about it! Just have lots of nookie. Live in ignorance, don’t even wonder if I’m preggers, just take every day on its own!

What do you think I should do, internet? I oughta start tomorrow if I’m gonna use an OPK at all…