Yup, still waiting.

Yup, still got me some cramps. As always. Stupid PMS that lasts the entire freaking luteal phase.

But hey, can everybody go say congrats to JenS? That right there’s a DOR gal who’s got herself a BFP. So glad.

I mean, in line with everything I’ve been saying lately, I’m also, y’know, wishing it were me and wondering if it ever will be. But in all honesty, I really am excited for her. Congrats, lady. Go get ’em.

In other news, I have been cooking a lot lately. I’ve enjoyed some of the other bloggers who have posted helpful recipes. Esperanza posted a Sesame-Oat Chicken Fingers recipe that I am planning for tonight, and I’ve been corresponding with Immotile Turtle; she recommended this Roasted Brussel Sprout Quinoa dish that I am planning for later in the week (sans the pomegranate, however, as I was informed with an upturned nose at the high-end supermarket that pomegranates “are not in season.” Well yes I know that but a girl can ask, can’t she?). Jessah has also posted some tasty-looking vegan recipes lately.

For one hot minute, I even thought of starting a food blog. I don’t have the kind of camera or lighting that would enable me to take a picture that would be anything other than yellow and fuzzy (I’ve tried), and I still tend to do things like screw up a fried egg from time to time, but I might enjoy blogging about something besides my empty uterus and crap-ass ovaries. Maybe.

If I did, I would call it I Hate Peppers. Because I live in a place where restaurants and home cooks alike all seem to think that peppers need to go in everything, even dishes that have no business with peppers in them, and it irritates me to no end, not least because, you guessed it, I Hate Peppers. (Seriously – someone brought an apple pie to work that had peppers in it. Come on, people! If you’re gonna do that, at least let it be a setting where I can express my disgust safely.)

ANYWAY. I am posting here my menu for the week. The recipes come largely from a pair of cookbooks I got from the library this week. It’s a big help that I have some leftover baked chicken that I’ll use multiple times for lunches in the coming week.


  • Breakfast: Fried tomatoes (improvised), stir-fried mushrooms (from Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything), and some mediocre muffins from mix we had in the pantry.
  • Lunch: Peanut soup with leftover shredded chicken (from Mark Bittman’s Kitchen Express) and pita chips. I liked it, R. was not so thrilled. But check out the protein intake!
  • Dinner: Sesame-Oat Chicken Fingers (from 12 Best Foods), side of peas, and fried bananas (from How to Cook Everything) for dessert.


  • Breakfast: Eggs with capers and onions (Kitchen Express), Canadian bacon, whole yogurt with hemp-protein powder (I know, can you get more hippie than hemp protein? but I like it)
  • Snack: pita chips with sweet potato butter (12 Best Foods)
  • Lunch: Chicken salad sandwich (my own: grapes and walnuts mixed in!)
  • Dinner: English muffin pizzas with pepperoni, simple salad


  • Breakfast: Smoothie, egg on English muffin
  • Snack: the pita chips and sweet potato butter again
  • Lunch: chicken and wasabi pea salad (Fresh Food Fast)
  • Dinner: chickpea soup (Kitchen Express)


  • Breakfast: Grapefruit & cream shake (I think that’s in Kitchen Express?), English muffin with butter & jam made by my in-laws
  • Snack: yogurt and granola with flaxseed and dried fruit for sweetener
  • Lunch: leftovers
  • Dinner: Date, Bacon, and Bean Salad (Kitchen Express), with red potato hash (my own)


  • Breakfast: Fried egg, smoothie, leftover hash.
  • Snack: the yogurt again
  • Lunch: leftovers
  • Dinner: the brussel sprout quinoa mentioned above


  • Breakfast: Yogurt, banana, Canadian bacon
  • Snack: Pita chips with almond butter
  • Lunch: leftover quinoa
  • Dinner: Apricot-braised lamb chops (Kitchen Express)


  • Breakfast: French toast & egg
  • Lunch: Lime & chicken soup (Kitchen Express)
  • Dinner: Homemade pizzas with a couple girlfriends, yay!

You know what planning a week’s worth of menus does for me? It reduces stress. That’s invaluable.

Careful observers will note that these menus are neither gluten-free nor dairy-free nor sugar-free. Because I tried that and it didn’t make a difference for me. Still not pregnant, and I wasn’t in a stellar mood saying no to goodies during the holidays.

But I am going completely caffeine-free, and I am limiting my sugar intake (watered-down juice, for example, and fruit for dessert rather than cookies). I am also going with whole dairy over lowfat. The one benefit that I did notice from my recent attempts at the fertility diet was that if I emphasize complex carbs over simple carbs, I am in a better mood and my energy level fluctuates less. I also am somebody who does better with some midday snacks.

Hope this offers some inspiration to folks. I’ll let you know how the dishes turn out. (No promises on the yellow fuzzy pictures.)