Before I’ve mentioned a coworker/friend whose son has a brain tumor and is undergoing chemo.

Where we work, there is a bowling alley close by.

This friend and I are turning into a Depressed People’s Club. A group of friends went bowling earlier this week, but that was too cheerful for us. So we agreed to go bowling today instead. Between frames, he told me about his son’s port surgery. I told him about my sad eggs.

By the way, we respected appropriate boundaries. Which is to say, I did not discuss the vag.

It was rather comforting, hanging out with another depressed person. Different situations, of course, but with enough in common to be useful.

And we both bowled personal bests. Don’t laugh: 134 is seriously good for me.

In other news, I thought I should mention that I asked my RE yesterday about those pesky cramps that last the entire luteal phase. In the event that you also experience this sort of crap, you may appreciate that he said it is, well, crap. In other words, it’s more like GI irritation due to progesterone, rather than uterine cramps. It isn’t until a few days before the period that you should really take the cramping as a sign of one thing or another. Now, my cramps feel pretty well identical across the luteal phase, and let’s just say I’m not one to get plugged up. However, I choose to believe him. I mean, if all I gotta do to avoid roughly 10 days of premature disappointment is pop a Colace every so often, then I’m in.

Hope that’s useful to somebody.