(More in my xeriscaping series in which I figure out ways to survive the drought/2ww.)

We’ve got us one ugly as sin flower bed. It was all right until last spring, when the rosemary and lavender I’d planted when we moved in suddenly exploded. We trim it back every few weeks, but it’s out of control. We’ve got about half a dozen spice jars of dried rosemary we give as gifts to out-of-town guests.

yard before (2) small

We need to clean up this bed, but it’s hard for me to uproot the one thing in the whole yard that’s doing well.

My current thoughts are, keep the rosemary, but maybe take out one of the bushes so there’s just one and then there’s some space between it and the lavender. And then get a smaller spice plant – like some oregano, perhaps – to plant in between to give some vertical variety. But what to do on the end where the weeds have taken over? I’ve done a tomato plant in years past; any suggestions?

I realize this series might be turning out to be a disappointment, as we haven’t yet done any work, per se. Give us a couple weeks, though, and we’ll get some stuff in the ground. And we will totally trim back that riot of a lavender bush. (I can’t believe I’m posting this. It’s like showing off your terrible haircut to the internet. Oh well.)